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Streamer plays Apex Legends by screaming into a microphone

Gun go brrrrrr.

Playing games online often brings out the worst in people, screaming and raging into a microphone.

But what if you could channel that into controlling the game?

Well, Rudeism strikes again. His latest homemade controller features a microphone that triggers gunfire whenever he speaks.

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends Mobile: Gameplay Launch Trailer
Apex Legends Mobile trailer

The streamer and controller innovator shared a video of his creation on reddit and explained a little more about how it works.

"I like making silly controllers using Arduino, which is a little microprocessor that can emulate keyboard+mouse among other things," he said. "There's a motion sensor in the glove that handles the aiming, as well as a microphone attached to my shirt that fires the gun whenever I talk into it. Not the most elegant thing I've ever made, but it's a hell of a lot of fun haha."

He fires the gun by shouting "brrrr" but it also goes off whenever he speaks, which could make playing and chatting on stream pretty tricky.

Many of the responses, though, note how incredible this could be for disabled players.

Where some players may struggle with a traditional controller, voice-activation could make both Apex Legends and other FPS games more accessible.

And Rudeism is no stranger to that, having played Dark Souls 3 with one button all in the name of accessibility.