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Stream PC titles to laptop/PS3

Brain-box reveals new tech.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

StreamMyGame has revealed fresh technology that will let you remotely play games installed on your home PC.

Using a small application you can record, broadcast or stream titles across the Internet or a LAN, and access them on anything from your laptop to your PS3. A bit like you are living with robots in the future.

Effectively you allow a remote user to take over control of your PC, allowing much lower-end computers to play the latest and greatest games.

The performance is described on the website as "almost identical" to playing it on the native machine, although naturally your speed of connection plays a large part in determining it.

Your friend whose computer you are streaming the game from can take over at any time, too, introducing a fancy kind of coaching tool if you are having trouble or if you just want to learn a trick or two.

So far only LAN streaming is supported, though, and features like broadcasting game demonstrations across multiple computers at an event or recording yourself shooting others in the head are being talked up.

Broadband integration is expected later in the year, alongside support for Linux-supporting machines like the PS3 and digital receivers.

It sounds intriguing, and is also one step closer to what EA bigwig Gerhard Florin was harping on about a couple of weeks ago - saying content streamed to hardware like Sky HD boxes would be the future of games.

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