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Stranglehold maps on Live

Bolster your weapons.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Midway has put new maps for Stranglehold on Live, using its long and rather delicate fingers of giving.

We've told you all of this before, but inside the 1200 Point (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96) parcel are ten new multiplayer maps and 21 fresh skins to dress yourself in.

On top of that, and perhaps most importantly, there are ten new unlockable Achievements to work towards, eventually adding 250 Gamerpoints to your tally.

Stranglehold is a beautifully destructive little shooter powered by the cinematic vision of John Woo and voiced by the familiar vocals of Chow Yun Fat. Despite being a little short, there is plenty balletic slow-motion gun slinging to enjoy, plus you can slide down banisters and shoot watermelons.

Stride convincingly over to our Stranglehold review for a solid thumbs up.

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