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Stranger Things-inspired Stories Untold announced

A collection of four creepy indie game episodes, priced £4.

A while back, Donlan wrote about a little indie game named The House Abandon - an atmospheric creation born of a Ludum Dare game jam and released on

Now it's back, remastered, and packaged with three more episodes. Published by Devolver Digital, this collection will be named Stories Untold.

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The similarities to Netflix's pop culture phenomenon Stranger Things are clear - at least in the game's style and retro aesthetic. Stories Untold even has an '80s-tastic poster created by Kyle Lambert, who performed the same role for the show.

But these four game episodes were made in the UK, from Glasgow-based indie team No Code, and are the work of a team of six people.

There's no word yet on what the three new episodes will be about...

Stories Untold will launch via Steam on 27th February, priced £3.99 ($4.99 or €4.99).

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