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Still no PVP update for Age of Conan

Sexist damage bug fixed, though.

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Age of Conan has seen a major patch update today - but the much-anticipated revamp of player-versus-player combat isn't in it.

Funcom told its community that the controversial animation bug that caused female characters to do less damage in melee combat than their male counterparts is almost completely fixed. "We're now done with the majority of the process," a community manager said.

There are also changes to the looting system, making all higher-quality items bind to players when equipped or picked up, improvements to the resource-collecting areas for professions and revamps to dungeons, including the Pyramid of the Ancients.

There's also the usual round of class balance fixes, rebalancing of overpowered invulnerability gems and adjustment to drop rates from epic bosses.

The PVP revamp is still in testing on the Testlive server. We will be looking at it in more detail as soon as it goes live.

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