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Stellaris' Apocalypse expansion and free 2.0 Cherryh update detailed in new video

Ahead of their release next week.

Paradox has released a new video breaking down the various new features of Stellaris' upcoming Apocalypse expansion and free 2.0 "Cherryh" update, due to arrive next week.

Paradox outlined Stellaris' war-focussed new Apocalypse expansion when it was announced last month. Its new video breakdown, however, goes into a greater detail, showing the kind of things that furious intergalactic warmongers will be able to do come its arrival.

Broadly, the expansion's three main areas of focus are combat, warfare, and planetary destruction. At the heart of all this are the massive new Colossus warships, which can be equipped with one of numerous planet-annihilating weapons. The exact weapon you can use, explains Paradox, will vary depending on the type of empire you're playing as,.

Cover image for YouTube videoStellaris: Apocalypse - Feature Breakdown

You'll also have the option to acquire Titans to aid your intergalactic rampage. These metallic beasts are powerful enough to destroy a battleship in one shot, and can to boost your fleet or de-buff enemy fleets by equipping "auras". To counter the might of Titans and other powerful ships, it's possible install defensive Ion Cannons around certain star bases.

Elsewhere, the Apocalypse expansion aims to boost Stellaris' sometimes saggy mid-game with the new Marauders. These war-hungry. Mongol-like civilisations roam the universe in fearsome ships - and you can hire admirals, generals, and fleets from them to bolster your own war efforts. It's even possible to employ them to go into battle on your behalf.

Ordinarily, Marauders will spend their time infighting with others in their group. However, occasionally, Marauder groups may fall under the leadership of a Great Khan and will begin to expand, attacking their neighbours. You can attempt to stop them through military might or, if you're not appropriately equipped, you can also pay tribute to keep them at bay.

Other new features include Unity Ambitions, which are powerful edicts designed to ensure that the Unity resource remains useful even once all Traditions have been unlocked. There are also new Ascension Perks and Civics, including the new Barbaric Despoiler Civic which lets you abduct Pops while bombarding enemy planets.

Stellaris' Apocalypse expansion releases alongside the free new 2.0 Cherryh Update, which makes a number of significant changes to the core game. One such change comes in the way that you can control star systems.

Post-update, you gain control of a system by establishing a star base which can be expanded from a lonely outpost to a massive Citadel. These latter structures can heavily specialised, turning them into ship yards, trading hubs and even immense fortresses.

The free new update also introduces wormholes and gateways, which can be used to quickly travel between two distant star systems. Wormholes naturally spawn in pairs, while gateways are special megastructures that are all connected in a network, allowing for much swifter travel. You can build your own gateways once you have the technology at your disposal.

Stellaris' Apocalypse expansion and Cherryh Update will launch simultaneously on PC next Thursday, February 22nd.