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Steam's Next Fest is back with "hundreds" of demos and "oodles" of livestreams

Runs from today until next Thursday.

Next Fest, Steam's semi-regular online event - in which PC players are invited to slowly drown in an unceasing deluge of demos for upcoming games - returns today, 1st October.

Originally titled the Steam Game Festival, this eighth outing for the indie-focussed event (which gained the Next Fest moniker back in June), spans seven days - it concludes next Thursday, 7th October - and promises "hundreds" of new demos and "oodles" of developer livestreams.

A full list of demos, alongside a complete broadcast schedule, can be found over on the Steam's Next Fest landing page. As ever, it's a daunting line-up and tricky to know where to begin, but we'll be aiming to assist by highlighting some of our favourites throughout next week.

Steam Next Fest: October Edition 2021Watch on YouTube

Valve's previous Next Fest gave us tantalising glimpses at the likes of Nuke Zone, Road 96, and Death Trash, alongside plenty more (while the stupendous Dorfromantik drew our adoring attention back in March), so it's well worth having a scroll and seeing what catches your eye.

And, of course, if you're particularly dazzled by any of your demo discoveries, do feel free to share them below.

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