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Steam's huge friends and chat update now out of beta

Companion app.

Last month, Valve added all-new chat and friends features to Steam. Now, they're out of beta.

Everyone can now use the client's revamped messaging and social tools and, basically, they look a lot like Discord.

Crucially, the revamp works on both Steam's desktop application and its web-based version.

It looks pretty fancy, too, with dragging and dropping of friends seamlessly into groups, high quality audio chat, and lots of stuff you would now expect a modern chat client to have as standard - such as support for inline GIFs and YouTube videos and tweets.

Lots of tweaks were added over the course of the beta - such as the ability to hide offline friends, compact your friends list and collapse video embeds, for example.

Valve has a full patch list of changes, or you can just load up Steam now and see it all for yourself.

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