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Steam price of post-Brexit bouncer sim is being determined by a second referendum

Rejoiners vs stayouters.

The price of a post-Brexit dystopian management sim is being determined by a second referendum to rejoin or stay in the European Union.

Members of the Not Tonight Discord are voting on whether to rejoin the EU after the previous Brexit vote, or stick with staying out.

This vote will determine the price of the game when it launches on 17th August. If the community votes to rejoin the EU, the British price of Not Tonight on Steam will be £15.49. If the community votes to stay out, the price on Steam will be increased to £16.49.

There's an in universe explanation for all this: "If they vote to stay out of the EU, the value of the pound will no doubt plummet again, leading to the game costing more money to British players," reads the Discord.

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In Not Tonight, by indie developer PanicBurn, you are a European housed and controlled by an oppressive government, and you must work as a bouncer to earn enough money to keep you from being deported.

Everything you do is monitored by the Nazi-like Albion First and embodied by Officer Jupp, your overseer. Your phone is issued by the party and the apps controlled by it. Think Papers, Please, only you're checking clubbers' IDs and tickets rather than passports and visa papers. (For more on Not Tonight, check out Bertie's preview.)

So, how this second referendum going? According to the Discord, rejoiners are ahead by a huge margin, so it looks like Not Tonight will end up costing £15.49 in the UK. That makes sense, right? Who'd vote for something that would end up costing everyone more money in the long run?

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