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Steam is having a sale to celebrate Denmark's game development scene

Hitman! A Hat in Time! Inside! Stikbold! More!

Valve's latest Steam sale is now on, and it's a big "hooray" to Denmark's bustling game development scene, featuring the likes of Inside, Echo, and A Hat in Time.

The Games From Denmark Sale, as it's known, is a small but perfectly formed discount bonanza, which might also make you nod your head and whisper Wow, I did not know all these fantastic game developers were based in Denmark.

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And what fantastic games they have made! Peruse the sale and you'll find Ultra Ultra's fascinating third-person shooter Echo (£12.72 from £18.99), in which everything you do is thrown right back in your face as the game generates duplicates of you to kill yourself.

Echo nuzzles up with the likes of IO Interactive's seminal Hitman series, with pretty much every PC instalment present and correct. The latest entry, in its Hitman Game of the Year Edition guise, is £22.48 down from £53.11. That sits alongside Playdead's masterful Inside (50% off at £7.49) and Limbo (80% off at £1.39), and there're are two great early access game dev management sims in the form of Software Inc. (£9.53) and Startup Company (£5.59).

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If you'd rather something a little more raucous, then Gears for Breakfast's wonderfully effervescent platformer A Hat In Time is £16.09 down from £22.99, and the knockabout multiplayer escapade Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is £3.19 down from £7.99.

Steam's Games From Denmark Sale ends this Friday at 6pm in the UK, and a full list of discounted titles can be found on this handy page right here.

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