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Steam Deck promotional video removed after it accidentally showed off a Switch emulator


Steam Deck showing home page on SteamOS
Image credit: Valve

Valve has deleted a Steam Deck promotional video - which, at the time of writing, can still be viewed embedded in this story - after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a Nintendo Switch emulator lurking in the library.

Yuzu is open-source and, crucially, legal, but as PC Gamer points out, emulation is a sticky topic for some, prompting Valve to upload an emulator-free version of the same video a short while later, which you can see below:

Steam Deck is available now, without reservation!Watch on YouTube

"Valve's new official video for the Steam Deck has a very interesting game icon in it," industry insider Nibel tweeted yesterday, before following up with: "Update: Valve has removed the original video and reuploaded a new one with a small difference."

ICYMI, all three versions of the device - the £349 64GB model, the £459 256GB model, and the £569 512GB model - are available to purchase immediately in the UK without a reservation and with an estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks. However, given that allocations have been per territory in the past, availability may differ from region to region.

Alongside the reservations news, Valve also announced that its long-awaited official Steam Deck dock is also now available for purchase, with a price tag of £79.99/$89.99 USD.

For those unfamiliar, Steam Deck's Docking Station, is, much like the dock for Nintendo's Switch, a wired cradle that can be either used as a neater way to charge the device or as a means to connect it to a television for big-screen play.

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