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Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information

UPDATE: EA battling Twitch streams, pulling footage offline.

UPDATE 12.55pm: Here's a trio of links from Daily Motion which seem to be holding up - for the moment:

UPDATE 11.45am: And the YouTube footage is gone. EA is pulling Twitch streams, too - users are finding their access to the Battlefront alpha revoked while mid-broadcast.

The alpha's terms and conditions prohibit the streaming or uploading of gameplay.

"EA Banned me ;( HELP," commented Twitch user Venomrl.

We'll keep an eye to see if any more footage surfaces.

UPDATE 10.55am: Well, that didn't take long. More than five minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay footage is already on YouTube, despite the alpha's no-streaming, no recording rules:

And here's a stream:

UPDATE 10.05am:

EA has yet to officially launch its Star Wars Battlefront closed PC alpha test, but early adopters have already been poking around its files.

The Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha menu screen.

The alpha is due to start today, though its files were already being shared around torrent sites yesterday evening (thanks, NeoGAF).

One user who gained access identified a list of ships featured in the alpha, although it looks like some will not be playable.

The alpha also looks set to feature the 40-player Walker Assault map set on Hoth, as well as the smaller-scale co-operative wave mode set on Tattooine.

Eurogamer played both of these options at E3 - look for our own impressions soon.

Among the ships featured are well-known craft such as the X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

But models in the game suggest that the Lambda Shuttle, Y-Wing, Corellian Corvette and larger vehicles will also be included.

However, in-game models for a Star Destroyer, Mon Calimar Capital Ship and Home One (Admiral "It's a trap" Ackbar's command carrier) likely only exist in the game for background use.

EA has said that there will be no space battles in the game, although it will provide limited ship dogfight levels to satisfy the "fantasy" of aerial combat.

We caught up with Battlefront developer DICE at E3 and found out why the game's AT-ATs are on-rails and whether you would be able to shoot Ewoks.

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