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Star Fox 64 launches on Wii U Virtual Console this week

Arwing and a prayer.

N64 classic Star Fox 64 swoops onto the Wii U Virtual Console this Thursday.

The game's regular price is £8.99, but Star Fox 64 is discounted to £4.49 for its first month on sale (until 21st April).

Its arrival comes ahead of the all-new Star Fox Zero for Wii U, which arrives on 22nd April.

Wii U mini-game Star Fox: Guard, designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, is also set to arrive on the same date.

Nintendo recently detailed an invincible mode in Star Fox Zero for beginner players - which sparked a heated debate among the series' hardcore fans.

It's a busy week for Nintendo: Hyrule Warriors: Legends is set to launch on 3DS, while SNES classics Donkey Kong Country and its sequel arrive for New 3DS via its own Virtual Console.

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