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Platinum president Tatsuya Minami departs company

Replacement named in time studio's 10th anniversary.

Platinum Games president Tatsuya Minami has departed the company, the developer has now announced.

The confirmation, in an emailed statement passed to Polygon, claims the staffing change as part of an internal restructuring the lead-up to the company's 10th anniversary in August.

This week see the international launch of Star Fox Zero for Wii U, which Platinum worked on in partnership with Nintendo.

It will be the third game for Wii U from the studio, after fellow console exclusives Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101.

Platinum is probably best known for its acclaimed action title Vanquish. It is also developing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan for launch next month, plus a pair of role-playing exclusives: Nier: Automata for PS4 and Scalebound for Xbox One.

Platinum's new president is Kenichi Sato, who confirmed the departure of Minami at the end of last month:

"I have recently assumed the position of President & CEO of our company, following the departure of Tatsuya Minami at the end of March 2016. With this, our board of executives now consists of myself, Seigo Tabira and Atsushi Inaba.

"Please note that this change in staff structure in no way affects our dedication to our craft. I have utmost confidence that we will continue to create games to the same high standards that our partners and fans have come to expect from us."