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Stalker-inspired battle royale game Fear the Wolves in Early Access very soon

Just lupine you in.

Stalker-inspired battle royale game Fear the Wolves launches on Steam Early Access 28th August - next Tuesday. It had been due in July but was delayed because of issues arising from the closed beta. Apparently game performance and balance are now "refined", said a press release.

Fear the Wolves is a 100-person, parachute-in battle royale, but set in a poisonous, eerie, anomaly-laden radioactive wilderness - the same setting which made survival shooter Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl so memorable. And it's made by people who made Stalker - Vostok Games being the studio founded after GSC Game World collapsed.

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The difference, besides the gritty and grim realism in Fear the Wolves, is there are roaming, murderous packs of wolves to contend with as well as a shrinking storm.

The full game is due for release next year so there are months of Early Access ahead. Ian played the Fear the Wolves beta and put the video above together.

Incidentally, while I've got you on the topic of Stalker, I recently wrote the unlikely story of the long blonde-haired, tank-top and flip-flop-wearing Californian THQ sent to Ukraine rescue Stalker from development hell. It's an entertaining read, I promise!

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