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Stacking The Lost Hobo DLC revealed

Leaky Achievements spill the beans.

Downloadable content for Double Fine's enchanting Stacking has been inadvertently revealed.

Joystiq has a screen grab taken of Xbox.com that shows a set of four new Achievements for Stacking. One of them is called Super Tramp.

The DLC is called The Lost Hobo King, which, according to Eurogamer's resident Stacking expert Tom Phillips, makes perfect sense because there is a hobo character in the game called Levi.

And, apparently, DLC comes as no surprise: on the game's title screen there are pictures of characters you meet during the game and, even at 100 per cent completion, there are spaces left.

Christian Donlan revealed an excellent 8/10 in Eurogamer's Stacking review. "Stacking's sweet, thoughtful, and perfect to play if you're bored of the usual video game destinations," he wrote.