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Square Enix Twitter recovers followers after hack

Cloud saved.

Square Enix's European Twitter has recovered its follower count after being hacked this morning.

Best boys.

The account was compromised shortly before 11am UK time, when a string of malicious messages were posted.

Follower numbers quickly began to plummet as it appeared that hackers were seeking to damage the account by unfollowing/blocking fans en masse. Concern was quickly raised among the community when the account's follower count sank from 151k down to 50k.

Twitter has now locked the account down and follower numbers appear to have been rolled back to their previous total.

A little-known hacker group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which also hit Square Enix's official Just Cause account. Messages posted to both ranged from simple abuse to bizarre, childish rants about against EA and FIFA. (At least post something worthwhile and get hype going for a new Legacy of Kain.)

Regardless of the apparent account rollback, if you were following Square Enix Europe before, its worth checking you still are now.