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Square Enix clarifies PSP game reveals

New Parasite Eve and FF Agito XIII.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following preliminary announcements at an event in Japan last weekend, Square Enix has confirmed to Eurogamer that it has two meaty RPGs on the way to PSP.

The first PSP-bound title is The 3rd Birthday, the latest instalment in the Parasite Eve series, which began on PSone in the late '90s as an excellent blend of RPG and horror. But it's a spin-off rather than a core game, hence the odd title.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII, originally a mobile game, is the other heading to PSP. Agito XIII was unveiled moons ago alongside FF XIII and FF Versus XIII. Like those, Agito is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis, or "the new tale of the crystal".

Like Parasite Eve, we know next to nothing about Agito XIII, or whether the mobile version will continue to exist. We have no idea when Agito will be released, either. Fat lot of help we are, eh? At least for more on Final Fantasy XIII you can check out our E3 preview of that.

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