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Split/Second is reality TV racer

City wired with explosives, out 2010.

Black Rock's new game Split/Second is a race through tracks wired with explosives to cripple your opponents and create shortcuts.

That's according to a preview in the latest issue of Edge (happy 200th, guys!), in which the game is described as a cross between Smash TV and Burnout.

Apparently the idea is that as you drive skillfully, Burnout-style, you fill up a Power Bar, which allows you to detonate explosives as you pass them. It's all for the amusement of a TV audience, apparently.

Potential explosives are highlighted in blue, and detonations might blow out a storm drain to flush water into an adversary or collapse a freeway, as seen in the Gametrailers TV video released late last week.

Alternatively, you will be able to save up for a full Power Bar to set off even bigger explosions, which have a more dramatic effect on the track layout. The example given in Edge is taking out the front of an airport terminal to create paths through the departure lounges.

The magazine also speculates that the range of explosive options will force you to make tactical decisions about whether to simply attack your rivals or open up shortcuts.

It all sounds rather promising, and we'll certainly be keeping a close eye on it following the success of Black Rock's last game, trick-happy off-road racer Pure.

Split/Second is due out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC next year, according to the preview.