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Splatoon 3 idols Deep Cut are the internet's new faves

Squiddy with glee.

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct featured all things Splatoon 3, and had plenty for returning players and newcomers to get excited about.

People are especially hyped for Deep Cut, the new idol group that'll act as hosts throughout the game.

Comprised of members Shiver, Frye and Big Man, Nintendo showed off one of Deep Cut's performances for Splatfest celebrations.

Deep Cut performing Anarchy Rainbow.

Everyone is loving the combination of a scary lady wielding a fan, an idol whose forehead has been freed, and a manta ray. Watching them perform together, how could you not?

As a completely unbiased third-party reporter (who thinks you should all be stanning Big Man), I'm bringing you a completely unbiased selection of Splatoon memes (declarations of love for Big Man) swimming around on Twitter.

Big Man has proved to be a big hit.

Yes, I do believe love is stored in the Big Man.

Nintendo apparently took one look at Pearl's forehead and thought "I can make it worse".

A new merch line has been spotted which also confirms that gender is a trichotomy.

Some fans are extremely happy to see that the dreaded Moray Towers have been demolished.

Now, I'm no Splatoon connoisseur, but this looks a little suspicious to me…

The Aki-reef Slider.

Does this make the recent breakout breakdancing cat meme from TikTok canon in Splatoon-verse?

When you're so relaxed you move at one frame per second.

Nintendo has created a powerful weapon with its three-way battles.

Lastly, a wholesome reflection for returning fans who've been playing since the first game.

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