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Spiritfarer developer's new game is a 33-player co-op action-RPG

33 Immortals is out next year from Thunder Lotus.

At Xbox's 2023 showcase today we just got out first glimpse of Thunder Lotus' new game. The developer behind Spiritfarer and Sundered has been working on 33 Immortals, a top-down action-RPG roguelite with a delicate hand-painted art style and co-op for 33 players. What?!

It looks like a fascinating piece of work, with a delicate, rather serious tone, sonorous choral music, and delicate animation. But also: 33 players in an action-RPG! Based on a bit of gameplay, 33 Immortals won't scrimp when it comes to throwing loads of enemies your way, and there was a lovely bullet hell element to some of the spells going off.

33 Immortals.Watch on YouTube

33 Immortals will be released in 2024 for Xbox X/S, and will appear day one on Game Pass.

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