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Special edition Burnout Paradise coming

Out in February, along with PC version.

Criterion has announced plans to release a special edition of hit racer Burnout Paradise.

Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box will include a copy of the game, of course, along with the Cagney and Bikes content updates.

More excitingly, you'll also get Burnout Paradise Party. This is a new offline multiplayer mode for up to eight players, pass-the-pad style. Apparently there are dozens of Burnout challenges to try out, including speed, stunt and skill events.

If you've already got a copy of Paradise, have no fear - the party mode will also be sold separately as downloadable content. There's no word on how much it'll cost, though.

Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box is out in February, which is also the date Criterion has announced for the launch of the PC version. Brrroom.