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Sony unveils new PS3 bundle

Console and two games for GBP 350.

Sony has announced that from this Friday you'll be able to pick up a PlayStation 3 and two first-party games for GBP 349.99.

The new bundle, titled Pick N Mix, gives you 12 games to choose from. For starters there's the excellent Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, plus launch titles Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm.

You might also like Ridge Racer 7, Heavenly Sword and Formula 1. Or if you're insane, Lair, Folklore and Genji. And finally there's Warhawk (complete with headset) and the superb SingStar (complete with microphones).

The deal will be available "until further notice", according to Sony. And at this point, only in the UK; it'll be up to Sonys across Europe to decide what to offer the respective local populaces.

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