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Sony quietly kills old web version of the PlayStation Store that let people access PS3, Vita and PSP games

On the download.

Sony has pulled an old web version of the PlayStation Store that let people still buy old games.

In October, Sony launched a revamped web and mobile store that ditched PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita games, themes and avatars. Sony also discontinued the wishlist feature and signalled all items currently on your wishlist would be deleted.

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However, after this closure, fans were able to access the old web version of the PlayStation Store - and their associated wishlists - via a region-specific URL that meant people were still able to make PS3, PSP and Vita game and DLC purchases. This URL stopped working over the weekend (thanks, ResetEra), and now redirects to Sony's new webstore that includes PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games only.

Sony's old web store now returns an error message on the revamped store.

The news comes after reports indicated Sony plans to permanently close its PS3, PSP and Vita digital stores starting in July.

TheGamer said 2nd July will see Sony permanently shut its PSP and PS3 stores, while the Vita store will close on 27th August.

For now, fans can still buy older PlayStation digital games through consoles - although it's a rather slow, painfully old PSN experience.

Sony has yet to comment.

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