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Sony: PSP "a disappointment" last year

Company "looking into future platforms".

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Sony CFO Bill Glaser has called PSP sales "a little bit of a disappointment" for the huge electronics company.

He was speaking in a Sony earnings call this afternoon. His comments come after full-year FY2010 earnings (for the year ended 31st March) showed flagging PS2 and PSP sales.

"PS2 is entering its 11th year this year, and it's amazing it is still contributing," said Glaser. "PSP was a little bit of a disappointment to us last year."

The PSPgo has been a commercial flop for Sony, although some rumours suggest it was an experiment ahead of a PSP2. Digital Foundry explored the possibilities recently.

PS3 performed better for Sony, although its results Glaser said were "offset" by the other platforms.

Talking of other platforms, Glaser revealed that Sony was already pumping money to researching new key gaming hardware.

"We're always looking into future platforms as well. Very premature to talk about future platforms, but R&D is continuing," he said.

Don't get too excited: Sony has talked long of a 10-year PS3 plan. It will take more than a giant crab to change that.

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