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Sony ignoring PS3 Wiimote chatter

But Internet claims it has seen it.

Sony has declined to comment on speculation that it is making its very own Wiimote-style controller for PS3.

Reports suggest the platform holder ran secret focus groups in the US at the beginning of the year, where console owners were shown the motion-sensing device.

Visually it appeared very similar to the Nintendo controller, according to PlayStation LifeStyle, and was apparently "incredibly responsive and accurate".

Titles shown ranged from tennis to fencing to paintball, and when the demonstrator ducked in the latter, so did his on-screen character. The PS3 controller was also shown playing Quake on a laptop, we're told.

Of course, Sony is no stranger to motion-sensing controls, having included it in its Sixaxis pads since the launch of PlayStation 3.

Earlier this year rumours began circulating that Microsoft had its own Wiimote-style controller in the works, too, with developer Rare supposedly involved on the software side.