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Sony hires anti-hack security boss

Ex-US Department of Defence.

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Sony has beefed up its internal security by hiring an ex-Homeland Security chief, following crippling attacks by hackers earlier this year.

Philip Reitinger joins Sony Corps as senior vice president. He was previously director of the US National Cyber Security Centre and had a stint at the US Department of Defence, reports Reuters .

The move comes just months after hackers forced Sony's PlayStation Network service offline for six weeks and left personal information tied to 77 million user accounts compromised.

"Certainly the network issue was a catalyst for the appointment," a Sony spokesman said. "We are looking to bolster our network security even further."

Reitinger is tasked with making sure such an attack never happens again.

Sony initially estimated the hack had costed the company £105 million, although more recently admitted final costs may be less.

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