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Sony denies PS3 failure claims

"Sloppy journalism," says Reeves.

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Sony Europe has denied that 40 per cent of its 40GB PS3 consoles have been failing, spluttering, and conking out.

Word came from an official statement issued by the platform holder just moments ago, calling the accusations made by Dutch website "extremely sloppy journalism".

"We are very proud of the quality and reliability of PlayStation 3 and are disappointed that such extremely sloppy journalism has resulted in this totally inaccurate story," fumed Sony Europe boss David Reeves.

"Since launching the 40GB PS3, we have experienced a fantastic jump in sales and the failure rates have remained at the very low level that we not only strive for, but have been achieving since the launch of PS3."

The 40GB PS3 was introduced on 10th October for GBP 299, and has boosted sales of the console across the UK.

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