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Sony confirms redesigned PS2

On sale in the New Year.

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Sony Europe has confirmed to that it will be introducing a new model PlayStation 2 to the market in the new year.

Already scheduled for release in Japan later this month, the new model comes with an integrated power supply and is lighter due to revised internal architecture.

The redesigned unit will come in three colours - Charcoal Black, Ceramic White and Satin Silver, with matching vertical stands sold separately.

Despite rumours, the new unit will not be any cheaper in Japan than the current model, retailing for JPY 16,000, and it looks likely the same business model will apply in the European market.

Last month Sony celebrated the seventh birthday of the 120 million-selling console, revealing that more than a billion units of software had been sold for the machine since it launched in 2000.

The PlayStation 2 currently has a recommended retail price of GBP 94.99 / EUR 129.99 in Europe.

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