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Sony announces Concrete Genie, a game where your paintings come to life

You wish.

Sony's announced Concrete Genie, a new adventure game where your paintings come to life.

In the video below we see the player character graffiti street walls and interact with his creations. The art style looks lovely.

Here's the official blurb:

"Concrete Genie is an action adventure game about a boy called Ash who discovers he can bring his paintings to life. As you might expect, given that our hero is an artist, a lot of the gameplay in Concrete Genie is about having fun with paint. Using the DualShock 4 motion sensor function, you can effortlessly create stunning landscapes that come to life and even make your own cast of unique creatures to hang out and play with. Our goal is for anyone to be able to paint in this game. The paint strokes you make on the walls will turn into beautiful living artwork."

Watch on YouTube

Concrete Genie is from from PixelOpus, a Sony studio who previously worked on Entwined. Expect it out in 2018.

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