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Someone's built the island from Lost in Far Cry 5 Arcade and it's better than Ubisoft's own Lost game

We have to go back.

The island from Lost, that TV show about polar bears and time travel, has been painstaking recreated in Far Cry 5's Arcade map maker mode.

As a huge fan of the show, I am genuinely in awe of YouTuber Un-Break-Able's work. Having played Ubisoft's dodgy official Lost game, it feels like he has done a better job of recreating the island than Ubisoft itself.

There's the beach camp with its tents and graveyard area. There's its kitchen, and Charlie and Claire's tent complete with a guitar and crib.

There's a Caves area, complete with its Adam and Eve skeletons. Venture further out into the jungle and you'll find the crashed Flight 815's cockpit section.

Further out still and you'll reach the Dharma Swan station which you can go down to and explore. The Hatch, as it became known, is especially accurate - there's the sofa where Ana Lucia got shot, there's the cell where Henry Gale was imprisoned, the countdown clock and failsafe key.

And on it goes. The Beechcraft, the medical station, the decoy village, Jacob's statue, Pala Ferry and Dhamaville, including Ben's House with its secret room and the Dharma mass grave. The Orchid and its frozen donkey wheel, The Temple, The Lighthouse...

Over on the side island you'll see the Hydra Station with those bloody polar bear cages. Deep, deep underwater there's the Looking Glass station where Charlie died.

Un-Break-Able says he has been working on the map non-stop since Far Cry 5 was released back at the end of March. It shows.

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"The map cannot unfortunately be made to scale but was made as large as possible," Un-Break-Able notes. "I'm currently patiently waiting on the Vietnam DLC to come out because I'm hoping it will add in Jungle trees into the map editor because all I had to work with was Palm Trees, Ferns, Mango Trees and Savannah Trees unlike previous Far Cry Editors."

You can play the map yourself on PlayStation 4 - search for "LOST TV Series".

"The gameplay is not the greatest due to its size and the ridiculous 10 min max time limit," Un-Break-Able concludes. "If Ubisoft decides to increase the time limit in the future and add in a battle royal mode I feel as though this map could excel in that setting!"

I'm actually considering buying Far Cry 5 just to play this.

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