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Someone made Princess Peach's Castle in Halo 5


People have been using Halo 5's Forge mode for a while now. Indeed some player-created maps were recently added to multiplayer matchmaking. Now, someone's used Forge to create the ultimate Halo 5 map: Princess Peach's Castle.

Redditor Bearskopff posted pictures of the Castle, made famous by 1997's Super Mario 64, to Imgur and discussed his creation on Reddit.

Every single brick of the Castle is a single object in the map. "No shortcuts taken here," Bearskopff said. "Was very keen to simulate the geometry found in the original game."

Bearskopff achieved the "cartoony" look of the Castle map using Halo 5's "baked lighting". This shows off the inevitable spawn point.

Bearskopff planned to rebuild the entirety of the surrounding area as it was in Super Mario 64, but Halo 5 sets a limit of 1024 available objects per Forge map. The Castle itself took up 1023. If developer 343 ups the object count, Forge creators will be able to make even more elaborate maps.

This isn't Bearskopff's first Halo 5 Forge creation. He's made the Millennium Falcon:

The Death Star docking bay:

The Battle of Hoth:

And Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid. Nice work!

Meanwhile, the first set of community-made maps have been added to Halo 5 matchmaking. The top community Breakout maps have been added to the Breakout playlist, and 343 will hold a vote to determine the maps to be added the February 2016 Breakout playlist.

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