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Someone created the entire Smash Bros. roster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

They smashed it.

A Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter fan has recreated the entire roster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

And yes, I do mean the entire roster. Using a number of nifty tricks and shortcuts, u/DJ-Dez (thanks, Comic Book) has taken a photo of every single creation using a wide range of Ninty-flavoured costumes and hats.

"I finally did it! 400+ hours later... Every smash bros ultimate character transported into the animal crossing world!" DJ-Dez said. "Nintendo, this is my job application."

Image credit: u/DJ-Dez via Reddit

If you're inspired to do the same, you can now shop all the looks now! DJ's creator ID is MA-3790-6501-6469. Enjoy!

In related news, did you know the colour of your airport's roof may intimate the colour options available in both your Nook's Cranny and Nook Miles stores? According to a new hypothesis that's popped up on Reddit, your teacup ride will be black if lamposts are green, and my airport's roof is blue. Other items are also similarly linked, too, so if your Nook Store offers the lighthouse in blue and white stripes, your swimming pool will have white tiles and your vending machine will be black.

And if you've ever wondered if there's a pattern behind which visiting NPCs show up on your Animal Crossing: New Horizon's island and when, wonder no more. Turns out that there is, indeed, an algorithm behind the random - and not-so-random - appearances from your favourite visitors - and a dataminer thinks they've worked it out.

As for your fellow islanders? Here's everything you need to know about Animal Crossing villagers, from how to invite new recruits, making them leave, and becoming BFFs.

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