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The colour of your Animal Crossing: New Horizon airport determines what colour variants you get in your stores

Oh, the hue-manity!

Have you ever wondered why your Animal Crossing: New Horizon airport has a green roof but your pal's roof is blue? Nope, neither have I. But it turns out that it's not just a random cosmetic feature - the colour of your airport's roof may, bizarrely, intimate the colour options available in both your Nook's Cranny and Nook Miles stores.

I, for instance, have a blue airport. According to a new hypothesis that's popped up on Reddit, this means that, in theory, my teacup ride will be black, my lamposts are green, and my vending machine is grey. And lo and behold, they are.

It goes further. Other items are also similarly linked, too, so if your Nook Store offers the lighthouse in blue and white strips, your swimming pool will have white tiles and your vending machine will be black.

Credit: PraiseHolo, reddit

Is it 100 per cent accurate? Not quite. Sometimes there'll be the odd discrepancy in the hypothesis, but for the most part, PraiseHolo's theory is curiously correct.

"After many resets and playing the starting quest about 8 times (up until the upgraded resident services so I could check the streetlamp colour), I realized I was only getting green streetlamps, and after some more resets I noticed that also happened with other furniture in the Nook Stop as well, such as the teacup ride," they said on reddit (thanks, Gamespot).

"After digging through some people's Nook Stop images, I figured the furniture colour isn't entirely random, they're tied in a group, and the streetlamp colour is locked with the airport color, and that's why it was impossible for me to get black streetlamps AND a blue airport."

In related news, if you've ever wondered if there's a pattern behind which visiting NPCs show up on your Animal Crossing: New Horizon's island and when, wonder no more. Turns out that there is, indeed, an algorithm behind the random - and not-so-random - appearances from your favourite visitors - and this dataminer thinks they've worked it out.

"So, here's the tea on ACNH NPC spawns," Ninji told us last week. "Every week, you're guaranteed to get Saharah, Kicks and Leif on weekdays (if you meet their criteria, e.g. having Able Sisters built). "That leaves two weekday slots that will be randomly filled by Gulliver, Label, CJ, Flick or Redd."

As for your fellow islanders? Here's everything you need to know about Animal Crossing villagers, from how to invite new recruits, making them leave, and becoming BFFs (Except for Rowan, of course, because I'm already his BFF for life, mango, so back off. He's mine).

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