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Solitaire now has a Halo theme

Join the clubs.

Solitaire now has a Halo theme.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which, by the way, is available via Xbox Game Pass for PC, now has a Halo theme that lets you add a UNSC background and Halo-themed card backs.

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Fans will spot Cortana rooting for the clubs and Master Chief playing for the spades. There are other Halo characters on the cards, too, but I won't spoil the surprise.

Here's how it looks:

That's not all - Mahjong by Microsoft (mobile) also has a new Halo theme.

The themes were designed by Halo developer 343. It's designed to celebrate Halo's upcoming 20th anniversary (Halo: Combat Evolved came out 15th November 2001).

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