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Solid Snake actor sets up own studio

Will make films, TV shows and games.

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David Hayter, the man who provides the voice of Solid Snake, is setting up his own production company.

It's called Dark Hero Studios, according to Variety, and is being co-founded with producer Benedict Carver. The company will produce movies, TV shows, games and internet-related stuff in the action, sci-fi and horror genres.

Dark Hero's first project will be Demonology, which is based on the time Hayter spent at an international school in Japan. "It's about an American kid who goes to one of these schools in Belgium, but it brings my own horrible experiences of school to life," he said.

Hayter is about to direct his first film, Slaughter's Road, which is all about werewolves. It's not the first time he's worked in the movies though - Hayter has script credits for the first two X-Men films and The Scorpion King. He also co-wrote the Watchmen movie, which he's been defending after box office takings fell by more than 60 per cent in the second weekend.

"It's odd for a picture to gross USD 63 million in its first four days and have people wonder if it's a failure," Hayter said. Well Dave, we think it's marvellous, and not just because you can see the blue man's pépé.

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