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SNK NeoGeo X Gold handheld arrives worldwide in December for $199

Puzzled? Last Resort?

The NeoGeo X Gold handheld arrives worldwide this December for $199.99. (We're working on getting a UK price for you.)

Blaze will handle European distribution, Tommo North American distribution and Success Company Asian distribution.

The exact release date is 6th December.

The NeoGeo X Gold includes the NeoGeo X Station charger/dock thing, the arcade-style NeoGeo X Joystick and the NeoGeo X Handheld itself.

That handheld has 20 pre-loaded games (listed below), a 4.3 inch LCD screen, an expandable game card slot, stereo speakers and a headphone port.

  1. 3 Count Bout
  2. League Bowling
  3. Art of Fighting 2
  4. Magician Lord
  5. Alpha Mission 2
  6. Metal Slug
  7. Baseball Stars 2
  8. Mutation Nation
  9. Cyber Lip
  10. Nam 1975
  11. Fatal Fury
  12. Puzzled
  13. Fatal Fury Special
  14. Real Bout - Fatal Fury Special
  15. The King of Fighters '95
  16. Samurai Showdown 2
  17. King of the Monsters
  18. Super Sidekicks
  19. Last Resort
  20. World Heroes Perfect
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