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Slay the Spire's fourth character is playable in beta right now

Always watching.

After teasing it four several months, MegaCrit has finally announced the fourth character to arrive in its roguelike deck builder - The Watcher.

Currently available to play in the beta build of the game on PC (instructions on how to access that here), The Watcher is described as "a blind ascetic who has come to 'Evaluate' the Spire. Master of the divine Stances."

The new character's abilities revolve around 'Miracles' and 'Stances'. Miracle cards stay in your hand until they're used, they cost nothing to play and give you one extra point of energy when used.

Some cards will put The Watcher in a Stance - from the starting cards we know there are at least two of these: Calm, which stores energy to be released when leaving the Stance, and Wrath, an offensive state that doubles attack damage dealt and received.

To be able to play The Watcher in the beta, you'll need to have beaten the game at least once before with the previously introduced character, The Defect. If you haven't done that in the beta before, you can easily move your save data over from the folders for full version of the game (which is also handily explained by MetaCrit in the link above).

The update brings new relics, potions and balance changes along with the new character, and the developer has teased "other unnamed goodies" to be added over the course of The Watcher's beta test too.

There's no end date for the beta just yet, but when it's finished The Watcher should eventually be available to play in Slay the Spire on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.