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Slay the Spire arrives on Android next week

Watcher waiting for?

Sharp intake of breath: Slay the Spire finally arrives on Android next week. Wednesday, 3rd February to be precise.

It's been a bit of a wait, seeing as the game arrived on iOS last summer, but let's just put that down to Apple users being the guinea pigs, shall we? Oh I'm only joking! Or am I.

No price has been mentioned but Slay the Spire is £10 on iOS, so I'd expect it to be the same.

As to the question 'is it any good on phones?' the answer seems to be that it struggles a bit on a small screen. It's hard to touch and drag the specific cards unless you have tiny little hands. Performance can also be a bit choppy, I read in some reviews. Much better on tablet, by all accounts.

Still, if you need Slay the Spire on the go, and you don't have it on Switch, you don't have much choice, do you? What are you going to do, not play it? I don't think so. And why do I think that? Because Slay the Spire is one of the best games in recent years.

Yes I know it doesn't look very special, a bit like a child drew it, if you want to be really mean, but the magic is in what's underneath. It's in the cards and the combos, and how you bring all of these elements together, on the fly, to create a killer deck and slay the spire. There's a real art to it.

Incidentally, Slay the Spire is also available everywhere else: on consoles as well as PC. It's ~£20.

Cover image for YouTube videoSlay the Spire: Beating Act 3 as The Watcher
Here I am, proving my worth as a Watcher. Don't look too closely because I play all the wrong cards. Yet somehow I win.