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Sinister clown adventure Dropsy is out now

Mocap by Andy Circus?

Offbeat indie specialist Devolver Digital has launched "point and click hugventure" Dropsy for PC and Mac. The crowdfunded adventure casts the player as the titular clown, seeking to clear his name after a horrific circus fire.

Yep. Nothing wrong here.

There are navigation puzzles and inventory puzzles, as well as conversations carried out entirely in visual icons rather than speech, because Dropsy is a creepy clown and creepy clowns don't speak. Is he creepy though? That's the emotional undercurrent of the story, which is pitched as a tale of love and redemption.

"These so-called industry experts will tell you that the 'mute clown point-and-click adventure' genre is dead but our research shows that this thinking couldn't be further from the truth," said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. "Also, the game has zero text so we're saving millions on localisation costs."

Dropsy is out now via Steam, Humble, and GOG with a limited time offer of 10% off the normal £6.99 asking price. Alternatively, you could spring for the Warm Damp Hug Edition for £14.99, which includes the game, the Dreamworld soundtrack EP, and the digital Dropsy Book of Secrets.

And remember: don't have nightmares, please sleep well.

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