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Sims-like Life By You early access release delayed into next year


Life by You has been delayed
Image credit: Paradox

Life by You, the upcoming open-world, real-language take on The Sims, has seen its early access PC release delayed.

Publisher Paradox Interactive has said the game will now arrive on 5th March 2024. It was initially slated to launch in early access this September.

Explaining this delay, Paradox said the additional development time will allow the team to improve areas such as the game's UI and visuals. This will ultimately allow for a "more well-rounded experience" on the game's release next year.

Life By You was initially announced earlier this year.Watch on YouTube

Developer Paradox Tectonic will also be "fine tuning mod tools that will be available for all players to explore and create" during this time.

"The player-community is at the core of Life by You, and their feedback is the core to many of the positive changes coming to Life by You's Early Access," Paradox said.

Life by You is currently available to pre-order over on the Epic Games Store, for £34.99 (which is a promotional price laid out by Paradox).

It is not available to pre-order on Steam, but you can add it to your wishlist. Paradox has said it will match the Epic Store's pricing when the game launches in early access.

Life by You
Life by You
A little look at Life by You's character creator. | Image credit: Paradox

The studio first teased its upcoming life-sim back in March. It then went on to release a full announcement trailer later that month.

As Matt pointed out at the time, Life by You's marketing appeared to sling a certain amount of shade in the direction of The Sims 4. The team described the title as a game that'll let players "create humans and live out their lives without loading screens".

While the fundamentals so far - from house building to character creation - all seem very Sims-like, Paradox is trumpeting an "open game world where everything is customisable", alongside "real language conversation" and the ability for players to directly control their digital humans if they'd prefer something more hands-on than the default third-person view.

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