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SimCity for DS

From EA in summer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA has been squashing cities this afternoon, and has announced that SimCity will appear on DS sometime this summer.

The handheld's touch screen approach will make selecting and building your village into a prosperous empire comfortable and intuitive. However, more unique ideas, such as blowing onto the microphone to put out fires and signing mayoral documents using the stylus will also feature, as will Wi Fi connectivity, though it isn't yet clear how.

"We are very excited to bring the SimCity experience to the Nintendo DS platform," said Takahiro Murakami, producer of the game. "The unique Nintendo DS functionalities inspired us to incorporate many new features to delight the most dedicated SimCity fans. The game is filled with fun surprises that will appeal to new and existing fans of the franchise."

Nintendo's handheld has already prompted other classic simulation remakes, such as Theme Park, which will be available for DS on 23rd March.

Expect more details to emerge soon, but for now you're left with just one solitary screenshot to feast on.

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