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SimCity Amusement Park Pack DLC add-on revealed

Did someone say Theme Park?

SimCity's new DLC add-on has been prematurely revealed.

The SimCity Amusement Park Pack add-on was outed by digital shop Green Man Gaming before being pulled.

But of course the internet recorded the entire leak before EA could wave its angry fist. YouTuber HypnotoadProductions made a video, below, with all the gory details.

Cover image for YouTube video►Sim City - Expansion Pack: Amusement Park

The DLC is called the Amusement Park Pack add-on and, as you'd expect, adds theme park structures to the game. "Build the amusement park of your dreams, right in the middle of your city," reads the official description. "Classic rides, vehicle rides and thrill rides allow you to make just the theme park you want."

Responding to the leak, the official SimCity Twitter page confirmed the DLC will be released on 28th May.

"Some of you may have seen thrilling new #SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate," read the tweet. "It's coming May 28. We think you'll be amused."

Screenshots are below.