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SimCity expansion Cities of Tomorrow shown off in new trailer

Nuclear fusion! Drones! Drink recycled sewage!

SimCity developer Maxis has shown off a detailed look at its upcoming Cities of Tomorrow expansion, which will add a range of futuristic technology to the game.

Your key to unlocking its spoils is the Academy, a thinktank of scientists who will design everything from a nuclear fusion reactor to an advanced sewage treatment plant so your city can safely guzzle down once-polluted water.

The expansion's economy will be reliant on Omega, a rare and costly substance that you can process for huge reward. Doing so will create pollution which your Academy can clean up, but your city's inhabitants will be happier housed elsewhere, in towering skyscrapers where they can live out their whole lives.

Another new feature is the deployment of drones, which can hover above your city's streets and robotically manage everything from delivering shipments of Omega to fighting fires and catching criminals.

First announced last month, Cities of Tomorrow is due to launch for PC and Mac via Origin on 12th November.

A much asked-for SimCity offline mode is also in the works.

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