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Sierra unveils Prototype

Radical's new game.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sierra Entertainment has confirmed to Eurogamer that it will be publishing Radical Entertainment's wonderfully violent new game called Prototype.

It puts you in the shoes of science experiment Alex Mercer, who ended up with super human abilities and now spends his time wandering around killing people. Justifiably angry, you might say.

With every person he kills, he absorbs their abilities, memories and appearance. The more he absorbs, the more powerful, knowledgeable and skilful he becomes - making him able to morph his body into a weapon or highly effective shield.

The action is third-person and free-roaming, much like Crackdown or Grand Theft Auto, and it will be up to you how you want to proceed throughout Manhattan - stealthily or punchily.

Online co-operative play for two of you is planned, each with your own version of Mercer, and you'll be able to combine special moves in tag-team-like manoeuvres.

The game is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008, and Sierra expects more information to filter through soon.

"Prototype is an exciting, original game from Radical Entertainment, and Sierra Entertainment is looking forward to sharing more with the media in the upcoming weeks," a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

Radical Entertainment was responsible for Hulk: Ultimate Destruction in 2005 and more recently Scarface: The World is Yours. Violence is something that comes naturally to the developer.

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