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Shovel Knight joins the cast of Road Redemption

Dev calls him "Road Redemption's version of The Terminator."

2014's rookie of the year Shovel Knight will be a playable character in motorcycle action game Road Redemption, following an update due later today.

Shovel Knight made his game debut in Yacht Club Games' retro action platformer bearing his moniker earlier this year.

Both projects were bourne of Kickstarter where Shovel Knight made over $311K while Road Redemption's tally fell just under $174K.

Shovel Knight looks great as an 8-bit character, but he arguably looks even cooler in HD on a motorcycle.Watch on YouTube

"Shovel Knight is basically Road Redemption's version of The Terminator," said Road Redemption developer DarkSeas Games' Ian Fisch. "He's this plate-armored unstoppable juggernaut, and it's great to have the opportunity to include him in our game."

Yacht Club Games' Nick Wozniak added, "This incarnation of our stalwart, blue hero could not have us more excited and I can't wait until he crosses the generational gap from pixels to glorious polygons in Road Redemption."

Road Redemption is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access with PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Mac and Linux versions expected to arrive in Q3 2015.