Road Redemption

A scrappy tribute to the long-lost Road Rash series whose raw spirit just about overcomes its shortcomings.

Key events

Road Redemption review

A nasty rash.

Louisiana flood damages Road Redemption dev's homes, delays game

"Our priority is making sure that everyone on the team, and their families, have a safe place to stay."

Road Redemption slated for PC this summer

UPDATE: Wii U version still happening, albeit after PS4 and Xbox One ports.

Shovel Knight joins the cast of Road Redemption

Dev calls him "Road Redemption's version of The Terminator."

FeatureVideo: Road Redemption is a fun, erratic homage to a 90s classic

See 20 minutes of the Road Rash-like racer in action.

Road Redemption gets new gameplay footage

Will have up to four-player splitscreen.

Road Redemption meets its Kickstarter goal with two days to go

But will it make its XBLA and Oculus Rift stretch goals?