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Shine a blacklight on your Halo Xbox Series X and you may be in for a surprise

Zeta than Halo.

There's something hidden on Halo 20th Anniversary Xbox Series X consoles - but you'll need a blacklight to see it.

Fans have found that shining blacklight (essentially UV or ultra-violet light) on the special edition console reveals a hidden Zeta Halo symbol.

An image of the discovery was shared by Demon_King_Lamb on reddit, as spotted by The Verge. I'm not super familiar with Halo, so to me it all just looks like a sneeze.

Blacklight will also reveal a hidden surprise on the 20th Anniversary Xbox controller - the one with the rather nice translucent black shell.

Light up the controller's box and you'll see a faint version of the infamous Duke controller that launched with the original Xbox 20 years ago, as spotted by Hannah31754354 on Twitter:

Finally, fans who stumped up for the Halo Elite Controller have found a code for an in-game Halo Infinite weapon charm. Appropriately, the charm is for a mini Xbox controller which swings around from your gun barrel.

Here's a look at it in action from WaelHasno on Twitter - it's cute!

Microsoft celebrated the 20th anniversary of Xbox this week with the (not so) surprise launch of Halo Infinite's multiplayer portion, as well as the announcement of an Xbox project origins documentary series, a glimpse at the upcoming Paramount+ Halo TV show, and more than 70 additional Xbox backwards compatible games.

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