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Shadow of War: The Tower of Sorcery, The Chosen and how to beat Suladan

How to complete the two Eltariel quests.

The Tower of Sorcery and The Chosen are two missions as part of the Eltariel storyline in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

These unlock one after another, and come after completing The Three Towers.

If you are interested in completing other missions in the game, our Shadow of War guide and walkthrough can help.

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The Tower of Sorcery: How to beat Suladan

Prerequisite: Complete Three Towers and Allies.
Reward: 9280 XP, 930 Mirian
Bonus objective: Dominate 15 Orcs.
Bonus reward: 750 Mirian

Follow Eltariel: This is a good opportunity to complete the optional objective and Dominate 15 Orcs as there are a lot of them stood around on their own - trying to do it during the upcoming boss fight is unwise.

Defeat Suladan: Start the fight by taking shelter in Eltariel's shield until Suladan stops attacking.

The remainder of the battle plays out similarly to your fight during The Fall, but you only have one Nazgúl to deal with but he's got a load of Orcs with him instead; these are something of a mixed blessing as they can be a bit of a hindrance but also make a handy source of healing if you're in trouble.

Suladan has a new attack and will occasionally fire projectiles at you, so dodge out of the green circles when he takes aim, and keep wearing away at him.

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The Chosen

Prerequisites: Complete Tower of Sorcery and cleanse all the Haedir Towers in Seregost.
Reward: 8675 XP, 930 Mirian
Bonus objective: Defeat more Orcs than Eltariel. (Must be completed before Reach the Captains.)
Bonus reward: 500 Mirian

Follow Eltariel, defeat the Orcs in the Camp.

Defeat Uruks as They Pass: In order to fulfil the optional objective and kill more than Eltariel we'd suggest heading up the slope towards them and eliminating them before they get close to her; she'll take a few down with her bow from range, but if they get within melee range of her she may take the lead.

Interrogate the Messenger: Make sure you don't accidentally kill the marked Orc, and instead Dominate him when he appears.

Reach the Captains.

Defeat the Captains: There are three to take on, and a Drake will show up to complicate matters.

If you have the skill unlocked we'd suggest summoning one of your own to even the score, and recruiting the Captains to fight by your side rather than killing them will make the fight go a little easier.