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SFxT, Dragon's Dogma sales expectations

REORC, Dead Rising 2 OTR, too.

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Capcom has high hopes for its upcoming games.

It's projected big sales for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Street Fighter x Tekken, Dragon's Dogma and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record.

Third-person co-op and competitive shooter Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City will shift 2.5 million units worldwide, Capcom reckons.

Crossover fighting game Street Fighter x Tekken will move two million, open world fantasy action game Dragon's Dogma will shift 1.5 million, and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, a re-imagining of Dead Rising 2 starring Frank West, will sell 800,000 units.

The Ninja Theory-created Devil May Cry reboot, DmC, was not listed in Capcom's projections, suggesting it will launch after the company's 2012 financial year ending 31st March 2012. The inclusion of Street Fighter x Tekken in the list confirms Capcom's plan to release the game before April 2012.

Last week Capcom reported impressive sales figures for the 2011 financial year.

Japan exclusive Monster Hunter Freedom 3 sold 4.6 million units, followed by Dead Rising 2's 2.2 million and Marvel vs. Capcom 3's two million.

Capcom reckons it's the third biggest publisher in Japan, behind Nintendo and Namco Bandai and ahead of Square Enix, Konami and SEGA.

Capcom plans to launch 16 games on the PlayStation 3 during its 2012 financial year, 14 Xbox 360 games, nine DS/3DS titles, 11 PSP titles, two Wii games and three "PC and other". No mention was made of Sony's PSP successor, the Next Generation Portable.

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